Final Billboard.jpg

How do you turn a billboard into a wall of wisdom?

London Graphics Centre

LGC asked It's Nice That to create a new mural for their flagship store in Covent Garden. 

With graduation season in full swing, we felt it was apt to give something back to LGC’s legion of loyal student customers.

We commissioned Berlin based studio 44Flavours to create a typographic mural of inspirational quotes from eight successful creatives.

This ended up becoming a helpful guide to budding creatives entering the world of industry for the first time. Postcards of the quotes were also made to be handed out in store and at events.


In every NO there is a YES. Just make it happen. 
– Nelly Ben-Hayoun

Make an idiot out of yourself (at least once a day).
– Erik kessels

Do it for the love, the rest will follow…
– Malika Favre

If it was easy everyone would be doing it.
– Tom Hulme

Things that made you weird as a kid, make you great today.
– James Victore

The no you have, the yes you might get.
– Stefan Sagmeister

Make personal work, you never know where it might lead.
– Mr Bingo

Be open to tread new paths.
– Sarah Illenberger


Agency: It's Nice That
Art Direction: Olivia Charlesworth, Jamie Mcintyre
Illustration: 44Flavors